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Bellville, Texas
Breeder of Andalusian and Lusitano Sporthorses since 1993
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Owned by USDF Gold Medalist and her wonderfully supportive spouse!
RIP Brilloso
May 1989 - Nov. 2012
You were deeply loved
and treasured by me, I
always knew I was a
very lucky lady to be
graced with your talent
and charm! Mike and I
miss your larger than
life personality!  You
had a huge fan club and
you knew it!  
Hot Hot Hot!  

Rumbero and I gave
Working Equitation a
try - what a blast!  
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RIP May 1989 to November 2012.  Brilloso and Cheryl Person showing off after a
dressage clinic with Miguel Ralao Duarte.  Brilloso always had energy to spare!  
Brilloso is 2002 USDF Amateur Grand Prix Horse of the Year and four times
Dressage National Champion.
Owl's Nest Farm is dedicated to providing quality horses for
competition and pleasure.  The Andalusian/Lusitano horses are
known for providing a comfortable riding horse and a superb
companion.  They are lighter, softer and easier to ride than many
other breeds and yet can compete in whatever show arena you
choose.  They are also very bold, agile and hardy horses since to
this day, many of the lines are bred for bullfighting.  The breed can
be seen at the international level in dressage, jumping, eventing,
reining, driving, and more traditional baroque events such as
Doma Vaquera and Working Equitation.  

They are a fantastic amateur horse - I should know, Brilloso was
my first dressage horse and he took me all the way!

Below is Brilloso and Rumbero's favorite part of the "Florida
Brilloso and friends in Heritage Days
Parade in our new hometown of Bellville!
Our puppy dog Valentine admiring the
view at the new house.
Bossanova discussing the new
digs with Rascal.
2013 Isla CDP
available to a
special home and
In utero/contract
foals. If we don't
have what you're
looking for
always happy to
Bossanova CDP - Rumbero x Rapariga
approved for breeding!  Thank you for a
fabulous stallion approval presentation,
Tiago Ernesto.   
We moved from Magnolia to Bellville, Texas
as of October 2010!  More room for the
ponies to stretch their legs and the foals to
build their strength on the hills. The photo
above was one of our first visitors on our
back deck!  It's a wonderful sign!
Rumbero is a 16.2 hand, APSL approved,
homozygous black Lusitano stallion, bred in
Portugal by Pablo Caetano.
Rum and I
wanted to wish
everyone a f
2017 show