Owl's Nest Farm
Bellville, Texas
Breeder of Andalusian & Lusitano Sporthorses since 1993 -
Offering All APSL Approved Parentage
Owner is USDF Gold Medalist & Grand Prix Amateur National
Champion and her wonderfully supportive spouse!
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Conga CDP is a 2007 bay Lusitano filly and
IALHA Lusitano National Champion Filly.  
This is a
top quality filly!  She is sweet, has a beautiful face
and has powerhouse gaits with good
suspension.  Great propsect
sporthorse/dressage, breeding and definite
soulmate.   IALHA registered and APSL approved!
See full siblings of Pitomba's Conga on the
photos page of this site.  SOLD - Congratulations
Kat & DC Cook!  She's riding and breeding as well
- busy girl!
Sold - Owned by Esther at Astra Luisitana!
Cha Cha CDP Voila x Rumbero full sister to
Habanero CDP
Look at the beauty she has turned into!  Makes
me teary!
SOLD - ZUMAYA CDP - 2004 purebred Andalusian out of Banbury Oriole by
Rumbero - If you want a superstar dressage horse - she is it!  She's uphill, elastic with huge
overstride in trot, yet very smooth.  16H and big bodied.  Only available to serious dressage
competitor lightly started.  
Sold - Congratulations Kathy Bennett - "We are very proud of her.  Katrin said she discovered
one little problem with Zumaya, she never wants to get off of her.  The same goes for me!"   
Zumaya scored 64.737% at 3rd level this year and have done their first 4th Level! -
congratulations Kathryn and Katrin!
In utero foal

If you don't see what
you are looking for, I'll
be happy to help, I love
to horse match make!
SOLD - Congratulations Renee!!!  Dilla picked her momma out herself and she has
superb tastes!
Quesadilla CDP - Dilla is a 2002 PSP bay mare and daughter of Banbury Oriole (see bottome of page).  
She is big bodied and by
Brilloso, 2002 USDF Amateur Horse of the Year at Grand Prix.   Very agreeable temperament
and 3 good gaits.  Doing well in lateral work, transitions, and has been on trails and in downtown Houston Parade!    
SOLD - Bon Orpheo
Rumbero x Pitomba  Now proudly owned by Ruth Levinson.  I think his owner loves him: "And
I am always so grateful for my incredible fortune to have him!!! He is a superstar in every way. He
loves to be braided and stands totally still and quiet for me. He likes the stimulation at shows and
is very chill. He loads and unloads like a dream. And the list goes on! He is just so much fun!" He
excelled in the young horse test and competing in dressage has now started PSG with score his
2nd show of 67% here is link to test!
See baby video clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lDTAMQ5rTs
SOLD!  - Avalon
aka Lonnie - Rumbero x
Did awesome in her
first try at Working Equitation at
Pin Oak 2014!  Reserve National
Champion Under Saddle
Lusitano Mare!
Lonnie is 2005 PSL half-sister to
Athene and her dam Tapada
trained and shown very
successfully thru 1st Level.
SOLD - Congratulations Megan
Rust!  Athene is going to be the
best dressed and most socialized
filly ever!
Athene CDP - Rumbero
x Pitomba
Athene is a 2005 grey PSL filly (black sire)
that is going to make someone a super
show prospect and high quality
broodmare.  She is absolutely exquisite.  
Dam is 15.3H and sire is 16.2H.  IALHA
registered and eligible for APSL stud book.  
SOLD!  Congratulations Sandy
Olympic Andalusians
Zy is getting a Canadian accent!  Zydeco CDP - Full brother to
.  This colt has it all!  He's a 2004 grey PSL colt (Pitomba x
Rumbero).  He has huge suspension and extension, terrific
conformation and a look at me attitude!  He's bold and agreeable.  
He'll walk through showgrounds or around the neighborhood
quietly and afraid of nothing, yet will show off the moment you
ask!  He can't go wrong with 2 great parents.  He's qualified for
IALHA Nationals Colts 2 years and under.  Dam was a gold medal
movement award winner in Brazil in her youth but later broke her
hip and was retired to broodmare status.  
SOLD!  Congratulations Joe and Louis Barbee!!  
Oriole is going to be one pampered momma.
Banbury Oriole - Oriole is a 1993 PSP bay mare, 15.2H+, very big bodied and an excellent broodmare.  She is being sold in foal
(LFG) to Rumbero, a 16.2H black Lusitano stallion bred in Portugal.  Oriole's sire was a bullfighting stallion and scored 81
points in the APSL revision.  Her 2004 filly, Zumaya, by this cross is truly awesome!  She's huge, big bodied, with both
temperament and movement of your dreams.   
Discotheque CDP
Pitomba x Rumbero
If you are looking for a good friend and snuggler as well as a talented sporthorse
prospect, Disco is your guy!  Always has that look at me expression.  Born April 6,
2008 IALHA registered APSL eligible.  
SOLD  Congratulations Katarina Digman!
Please see her link if you're ever looking for a fabulous organization for a donation!
Disco is now in training with her oh so talented daughter Maria Hallett in FL and
APSL approved for breeding!  
Eliana CDP - Rumbero x Rapariga - Sold Congratulations Gina Lovmark, Eli picked herself out a
truly fabulous home, we are thrilled to have Gina in the family!
IALHA National Champion Lusitano Mare Under Saddle!  APSL approved and such a beautiful buckskin!  So sweet and
she walks around with an air of confidence like she owns the world!   Eli has a really active hind leg, overstride in the
walk, already offering trot lengthening and super canter.  She is smooth, easy to ride and will take you far. IALHA and
APSL. Full buckskin sister to approved breeding stallion Bossanova CDP see his photos on stallion page.  Ultra
talented USDF Gold Medalist Megan Georges said Eli is "the young horse that everyone is trying to breed these days,
very mentally balanced".  
Sold - Congratulations Francine Dismukes
& Malen Dell
Bohemio CR - Paragrafo do Top x Ula
He's beautiful, fun to ride and fun to watch!  
Scored 68% at his first dressage schooling show!   
Bohemio Video.
Francine and Malen turned him into a superstar at IALHA
Nationals!  The sporthorse judge LOVED him! And now he
has a fabulous new home with 8 year old Kennedy
scoring exceptionally in dressage!
Sold Fazer Ideia CDP (fka Fandango)
Pitomba x Rumbero
This is a really substantial heterozygous grey colt with
several full older siblings. He's ready for your dreams
dressage, jumping or whatever your sport may be!  
Born March 14, 2010.  Congratulations
McElmurry!  I think he hit a homerun on his forever
home!  At age 3, he made his first tv commercial under
saddle! Now schooling 1st & 2nd Level!  Available for
Frappuccino CDP
Amistad do Nico x Rumbero
Smoky black colt born June 15, 2010 APSL eligible. Wow is this one a charmer!  Frap playing ball  
Sire and dam proven sporthorses and looks like he got the best of both!  Just look at those eyes!  
Sold - Congratulations Dulce & Alberto Borjas! Picture is Dulce's 1st Ride! Now schooling 1st &
2nd level and volunteers easy flying changes!
2012 COLTS
All 3 are beautiful with excellent conformation and super athletic gaits.  Videos posted on youtube
This colt is now lightly under saddle and
available for resale.
Sold Congratulations
Carla & Mark Griesen Habanero CDP
a beautiful relationship already! Urucum HM x Voila
Chestnut colt with big look, his grandsire is the
highly sought after Craque do Rimo bloodline.
Will be available in 2014, expected to mature 16H+.
Sold - Congratulations Erin Kerby! Can't
wait to see you turning some midwest
heads! Heroico CDP
Rumbero x Rapariga
ull brother to APSL approved Bossanova.  Bold
personality, shimmering bay color, floaty gaits, typey yet
classic dressage look.
Huhulu CDP Rumbero x Amistad
aka Hootie Grey colt, Full brother to Frappuccino
and Iglesias. 16.2H at 24 months.  He's keeping an
eye on me for myself for now :) Iglesias is available!
2013 APSL eligible Filly (Bossanova CDP full sister!)
and Colt (Frappuccino/Huhulu full brother!)
Isla CDP
Bay filly Rumbero x Rapariga Confident with a look at me presence, shimmering bay absolute beauty, super
conformation, agility for working equitation,
suspension for dressage and cheerful personality for the whole family to
love! Near 15.1H+. C
heerful fun mare, this is the perfect age to partner with your future superstar! Dam Rapariga also
available or to perfect home only or custom order your own Rapariga foal.
Iglesias CDP Rumbero x Amistad (IALHA National Champion) expected to mature 16.2H+, great bone, so handsome
and beautiful movement! Sold Congratulations Valerie Young!
Jardinii CDP - bay APSL eligible X-Perto x Pitomba Interagro - Exceptional, stunning head, great
conformation, big gaits and playful! You'll have so much fun taking her up the levels! Champion dressage
producers on both sides - siblings competing successfully on FL circuit and in Houston, dressage and
Working Equitation - relatives currently competing! $12,000
Javana CDP - black APSL eligible Rumbero x Esmeralda (sold in utero)
APSL eligible, talented, athletic, well loved offspring currently available photos and details follow this list, I
have so many pictures, videos, stories, pedigree info, just ask - this is our family!

2013 filly Isla CDP bay Rumbero x Rapariga Interagro $15,000 under saddle, super temperament! Isla Video
2014 filly Jardinii CDP bay Pitomba x X-Perto DC $12,000 beautiful, powerful, extra friendly. Sold Congratulations
Sarah Geesler!

2015 colt
Lester CDP perlino Rapariga x Damasco do Retiro Sold Congratulations Ashley Casey!
2016 colt
Mulligan CDP black Esmeralda do Arete x Rumbero $12,000 round and beautiful! full brother to our future
breeding stallion Luzon CDP  
Mulligan Video https://youtu.be/j6hV9VW95D4 Sold Congratulations Paula Manthei - took
us a few years but you're going to have a wonderful journey!

Maravilha Bonito Voila x Rumbero sold Congratulations NIkki Charlton on your many year quest!
Masada Amistad do Nico x Bossanova CDP - sold Congratulations Lori Frank! Stunning special custom order!
8 Voila x Rumbero full brother/sister to Maravilha Bonito, contact for pricing options
Flexible plans & terms available. Photos, video, history, these are our babies - let me know what you need to help you
find your dream! Broodmares also for sale see mares page, most under saddle to excellent forever homes.
2015 brought us two fabulous colts!
Lester CDP Rapariga Interagro x Damasco do Retiro (Violino) - Perlino colt with HUGE personality already! more
great dressage and working equitation lines here, this colt is going to make someone an incredible partner!  
Parents punctuation scores are 75 & 80! This colt followed with excellent conformation. If I could keep everything I
wanted he'd be staying!
Luzon CDP Esmeralda do Arete x Rumbero - black colt, not much more to say this one has dressage written all
over him! He's staying put. Arrange your custom full sibling