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We have moved to the outskirts of Bellville!
Breeder of Andalusian and Lusitano Sporthorses since 1993
Cheryl and Mike Person
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Amistad and Conga CDP were IALHA Lusitano National Champions in 2009 and Eliana
in 2013.  Rumbero did his 1st quadrille in 2008 with five other horses and is schooling
his way toward Grand Prix.  Rapariga and Brilloso are seen in a Farnam postcard
promotion with photos by Bob Langrish.  Brilloso still graces the front of the Farnam
Platform hoof supplement!  And I wrote about my partnership with Brilloso available in
Horses for the Soul series and in 2014 Horse Tales for the Funny Bone!
The natural herd back in Magnolia,
Brilloso with mares & his colts.
So much for our strict
two dog limit - Dingo,
Valentine, Buster and
Wilkes all rescues!